As on 30th July 2020

Dear Friends and Guests

              With the continued impact of COVID-19 on global travel, Seven Wonders Safaris team is focused on the safety of our guests and staff and those who are surrounding us. As the guidance is changing time to time but our approach and care to supporting our current and future guests remain the same.

              As we begin to see the early signs of recovery, each small one bringing hope for the future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, we know travelers are looking for greater reassurances and flexibility than our industry has ever experienced. Taking that leap to confirm a trip anywhere in the world isn’t easy in the current climate, even if the magic of Southern & East Africa tempts travelers close to it. We have been running some research on how to make things easier for those travelers who wishes to book with us and now we are offering special COVID-19 terms for new bookings to help ease the process:

New bookings only
from 20th May

First of all for the time being with this pandemic, all guests who will be arriving into our Country, must have COVID-19 negative certificate at last 72 hrs prior arrival, those that do not and shows any symptoms will be subjected to testing on arrival and notified if positive. If guests will be found positive then arrangements will be made at the advice of the Rapid Response Team.

For all new bookings coming from 20th May 2020, the following deposit and cancellation terms apply:

  • From confirmation to 40 days prior to arrival – 20% deposit is fully refundable for COVD-19 related restrictions and complications
  • From 40 days to 20 days prior to arrival – 50% cancellation
  • From 14 days to arrival date – 100% cancellation 

Among all of the work that goes into postponing trips and avoiding cancellations, both on your side and ours, we look forward to re-engaging our creative spirit and bringing in some new bookings with these new terms and our recently launched special offers. With your support, we can continue to protect East Africa’s wild landscapes, wildlife and local communities that rely on tourism to thrive. 

Seven Wonders Safaris’s COVID-19 extra measures

On the ground, SWS team is putting together new procedures and checks to ensure when travelers do come on safari with us, every measure has been taken to avoid COVID-19 impacting their trip. These have been designed to protect not just guests but also our staff and those surrounding our operations. Taking expert advice and working on each step of our traveler’s journey.

  • Our vehicles will be sanitized with recommended solutions and sprayed between each transfer
  • All our staff will have protective gears when attending guests and servicing guests areas
  • We provide sanitizer in each vehicle for our guests and staff
  • Recommended masks will also be provided in our vehicles
  • Gloves will also be provided in our vehicles

As international airlines and countries prepare to open borders and the first signs of global travel resume, our teams in the field are ready and waiting to welcome guests, we are following international health & safety programs and we are ready to welcome our guests back.


For those who have already booked with us, we are still encouraging you not to cancel, rather to postpone, we have try to work hard with our partners as well so that they can ease procedures so that Where there is an official travel ban or advisory outbound from a country where a guest is based or inbound into the part of East Africa where they are due to travel, the following exceptions apply :  

  1. Guest can re-book and move their booking later and can change travel plans up to 31st Dec 2021 at no extra costs for those confirmed their bookings before April, 2020 (for new bookings which will be confirmed from May 2020 onwards, in-case of any Government imposes taxes if will be any later, we will advise you in advance)
  2. Booking confirmed with initial deposits before 01st April 2020 in-case any of our esteemed guests wish to cancel completely our regular cancellation conditions applies, which we will handle with the greatest possible goodwill.
  3. Payments already made will be left as credit and utilized for later bookings. Our terms of payment have changed only during this pandemic season from 50% deposit to confirm to 20% deposit to confirm the booking. Balance has to be cleared 30 days prior to arrival for Lodge/Tented Camps safaris but for budget camping safari balance to be cleared upon arrival.

We remain committed to working with you to ensure you get to enjoy the incredible safari you have been planning, whether it happens as planned or at a later date. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for your endless support.

Thank you as always for your support and partnership through this crisis. Seven Wonders Safaris Team, hopes to welcome you back to Africa soon.

Seven Wonders Safaris Team.