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The wildebeest migration is one of the unusual actions that take place on earth. They struggle really hard and fight for survival during the migration. The inescapable obstacles are challenging and it is a true example of survival of the fittest. These wildebeest cover almost 600 miles for river crossing migration. They face all the difficulties or pain with great braveness. They have to cross their first obstruction which is the Grumeti River on the western part of Serengeti.



If you wish to obtain more knowledge about flora and fauna of the safari, then walking safaris give you the real experience. You can explore beautiful landscapes which will give you the experience of a true wilderness of seven wonders safaris. In Tanzania safari tours we give utmost importance to the safety of our guests on walking safaris. Our armed, experienced, and trained guides will accompany you to guarantee your safety.


The amazing balloon safari will give you a view of the beautiful African landscape from above which will be a very memorable experience. The balloon safari of Tanzania safari tours gives you an extensive view and you will love to capture the memories which your heart will never forget. You can even get a clear sight of animals like cheetah, lions, leopard elephants, buffalo, hippo, vultures, eagles, wildebeest, zebra, baboon, warthog, monkey, giraffe and different species of other animals. You can enjoy your balloon safari in Serengeti as well as in the Tarangire National Park.

The best countries to do balloon in Africa are Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

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Those who wish for simple and easy activity at seven wonders safaris, we treat them with canoeing safari. It gives you one of a kind experience to just relax and enjoy the hypnotizing scenery. If you do not have adequate time to explore the national park, it is a good option.Our expert guides will meet you at the canoe launching site who will give you safety instructions before you set off on the water in their company. Canoeists glide over the smooth lake water (20m offshore) drifting past giraffe, buffalo, and elephant. We offer canoeing safari in Arusha national park and Lake Victoria.


At Tanzania Safari Tours you get a chance to enhance your safari experience by combining cultural tours of your choice to the itinerary. You will get to know more about the Tanzanian tribes and about their culture and lifestyle.
The different cultural tours at Tanzania safari tours are:

After the safari, you can have local delicacies at Mto wa mbu prepared by locals at their home. Their local specialties are beans, ugali, cooked bananas, nyama choma (grilled meat), rice and many local fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also give a toast with banana vine and baobab juice and indulge yourself in a lovely conversation with the locals. On most of the countries you visit cultural activities are offered but the best can be experienced in Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and Ethiopia.


Empakai Crater

We will take you for a lovely trekking experience at Empakai crater which will be the most rewarding experience. The time taken for the hike depends on whether you wish to descent from the southern wall [1 km. 700 meters of altitude. 1, 5 hr.] or from the eastern wall [2 km. 300 meters of altitude. 2 hr. The trekking will take up to 3 to 4 hours. You will find that the sides of the crater are steep in both ways.

Mount Lemagarut (3155m)

Mt. Lemagrut lies on the western part of Ngorongoro crater. It takes less than an hour to drive to the lower slopes and for trekking, it takes 4 hours top and down. You can enjoy the beautiful view over the Serengeti plains, Lake Eyasi and the Ngorongoro Crater on a clear day. If you wish you can include this trek in safari tour to the Ngorongoro crater area.

Olmoti Crater (3700m)

We give you an amazing opportunity to hike through the rain forested slopes to get the view from the edge of the crater. The trek winds down to the grassy plains of the crater floor, and to Mungwe Falls, named after the peculiar white flourish of the Colobus Monkey tail. You can explore the Crater’s rim with an armed ranger in two to seven hours on a walking safari. Unfortunately, there is only one Ngorongoro and these Is in Tanzania the land of Kilimanjaro and the Breathtaking Serengeti.


At Tanzania safari tours we offer you to experience the adventurous camping safari and you will spend your night sleeping in a dome-shaped tent. The elephants of Serengeti may browse through your camp in the silence of the night. In camping safari, you will also get to spend nights in camps on an island in the middle of the river under a mosquito net where you may experience hippos snorting. You will get an exhilarating experience camping at east Africa safari.

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Game drive is included almost in every itinerary and is one of the most popular ways to see animals in their natural habitat. Driving in a custom built safari vehicle with a professional driver guide, you will be real adventurous, searching wildlife and exploring the true African wilderness. These will give you great chances to check of the big five? Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo. Most of the Eastern Africa and Southern Africa offer game viewing.


Take a break from the safari vehicle with a serene boat safari along Queen Elizabeth Park’s famous Kazinga Channel. Connecting Lake Edward and Lake George, motoring along this stretch of water is an ideal way to see Africa’s wildlife from a different angle. From a multitude of brightly colored birds to buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, and monitors – it’s a safari unlike any you’ll get on dry land. Lasting a few hours, your cruise takes you along the channel in search of the diverse bird and animal life that can be found along the shores of this manmade waterway.



For true chimpanzee enthusiasts, the day long chimpanzee habituation experience allows you to spend twelve hours in the presence of these fascinating primates. Joining the chimpanzees shortly after 6am, you’ll spend the day tracking their movements from feeding to hunting to breeding to sleeping.One for the physically fit, this day long experience will take you throughout Kibale National Park as you keep up with these fast-moving, agile, and highly social creatures.


Nothing comes close like coming face to face with the mighty silverback, on your hiking to see the gorillas in their natural habitat. The fact is that the gorillas are near to extinction and treks are highly restricted but thanks to the government of Rwanda and Uganda and conservation projects these unique animals can be seen and their number is growing up, their encounter is a once-in- lifetime experience and memories to last forever.We at seven wonders safaris are proud to support tourism that contribute to protecting rainforest and other habitat which will bring imbalance to our ecosystem.


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