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Five best places to go on safari in Tanzania.

Mid-way Africa’s highest free standing mountain {Kilimanjaro}, and Africa’s largest lake {Victoria} lies on of the best game viewing countries on earth. This territory also includes the world largest un-flooded intact volcanic caldera {Ngorongoro}, and the world famous Serengeti bound with other wildlife superlatives not only the great migration, the country offers visitors friendly COVID-19 entry requirements and a safari for every traveler. From honeymooner’s, friendly family activities there’s not much that beats Tanzania safari.


Tarangire is for those who enjoy the African safari travel experience-the dotted baobab landscape, the acacia savannah, the dramatic wildlife, the sandy river bed, the sausage trees, the changing seasons, the cool fresh morning, the heat of the mid-day, the trumpeting of elephants, the whooping calls of hyena, the far distance roar of lion-Tarangire is a place not to miss in your northern circuit safari itinerary. We recommend staying at the balloon camp, the camps seat in the middle of the park offering great movement to explore the park in either direction.


The Serengeti is Tanzania’s largest, and most famous national park, it’s also Africa’s best national park. It’s the home of the great migration of wildebeest, zebra, eland, Thomson, and Grant gazelles. The park is also famous for its huge population of lions and is one of the best places to see them on the continent. While the word is derived from the Maasai language meaning “endless plain” So if you are the kind of person that feels uncomfortable with humankind’s restless desire to subjugated nature and to dominate everything, you will enjoy the Serengeti! It is a natural world at its best. Human beings take second place here. You come only to witness.

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Ngorongoro crater is the largest un-flooded, intact caldera in the world, known as the eighth wonder of the world, its vastness and beauty are truly overwhelming. Ngorongoro contains possibly the largest concentration of wildlife in Africa, with an estimate of 30,000 large mammals. Besides, this is the best reserve to see black rhinos in Africa. The far distance, a carpet of pink lesser flamingoes, the raft of hippos, a dazzle of zebra grazing, a graceful pride of lions lazily lying-in the grasses, and a crash of rhino feeding at a very far distance, surely the crater is one of the natural wonders of today’s world.


Ruah is Tanzania's second-largest park, known for its great population of elephants, buffalo, greater and lesser kudu, hippos, crocs, it’s also one of the best Tanzania national parks, and because of its location, it is one of the least visited. Seasonal rivers are lined by scattered groves of palms, thorn trees, fig trees, and sausage trees providing mid-day shade for all sorts of wild animals. They are the key features to enjoy during your game drives, especially during the dry season when only pools remain or the elephants have to dig in the sand for water. This is Africa of a bygone era-the world as it was before modern man.


Nyerere national park is Tanzania’s largest national park, with its great wildlife-big game, cape hunting dogs, sable, roan antelopes, greater and lesser kudu, raptors, croc, and hippos. But the main thing is these animals can be enjoyed in a different way other than game drivers, here you can indulge in one of the best walking safari and boating safari and get up-close to hippos, crocs and sometimes elephants. Most places that are currently accessible have a lot of informal tracks. This makes it easier to get reasonably close to the animals you want to enjoy, and there is no sign that this is having a negative impact.

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