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"The world's largest tropical lake"
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Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater Lake in the world after Lake Superior, the lake is approximately 26,650 square miles in size and is bordered by the three east Africa states, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya with the biggest part in Tanzania following the order respectfully.

Fishing, farming, and cattle keeping are the main activities for the people living along the lake with the first being practiced by more than 90% of the people. Unfortunately, due to the increase in population in the 1950s the Nile perch was introduced to the cutter for the shortage of fish to the fishermen and the growing population, and it has turned to be a predator to the indigenous fish, some of which have become extinct.

 In recent years this legendary Lake which is the source of River Nile has also been plagued by the rapid growth of water hyacinth, an aquatic plant from tropical America that has blanketed much of the water surface and starved it out of oxygen. This has had grave consequences for aquatic wildlife as well as for the local fishing communities.


  • Offering a gloriously diverse range of exciting things to do, you have a full day, at your leisure, to embark on an exciting fishing safari in a traditional canoe, and catch your own scrumptious giant Nile perch for dinner, or simply stroll along the lakeshore marveling at the beautiful expanse.
    Indulge your curiosity, and integrate into the daily rhythm of local life or simply absorb the lush landscapes. Bustling villages dot the shores of Lake Victoria, and the daily activities include fishing and trading in Nile Perch and Tilapia.

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