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Which is the best country for safari?

People usually engage in a big debate about which is the best country for the safari in Africa, in our opinion wherever country you will visit will offer you an amazing wildlife experience. Here we will go to your level of safari experience, is it the first time on safari, are you looking for luxury, is the big five your bucket list, are you looking for the great migration, Mountain trekking, or prime wilderness.

Seven wonders safaris picks.

  • Tanzania.

Between Africa’s highest mountain {Kilimanjaro}, and Africa’s largest lake {Victoria} lies one of the best game viewing areas on the continent. These regions also include the world’s largest un-flooded intact caldera {Ngorongoro], and the majestic Serengeti. Chimps are trekking in the Mahale Mountains in the far west, and to the southeast lies a UNESCO site Nyerere national park formally Selous game reserve.

    For travelers, nowhere in Africa can so completely satisfy the wanderlust of those seeking adventure, solitude, beauty, and wildlife in one travel destination-mountains, plains, forests, rivers, lakes, beaches, woodlands, clean air, and wildlife large and small in every corner of it.

What Tanzania has to offer?

  • The Serengeti great migration.

Although the great migration can be seen both in Tanzania and Kenya, it’s in Tanzania where these natural phenomena can be enjoyed throughout the year from the calving season, rutting, Grumeti river crossing, and Mara river crossing, while in Kenya this amazing event lasts only for three months.

  • Ngorongoro crater

Descending to the crater for a day of game viewing is arguably one of the natural wonders. Sitting there and looking every direction 360 degrees every place you look you see wildlife and the landscape to see them is just amazing, and the opportunity to see the big five.

  • Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro is best viewed from Kenya Amboseli national park, and if you are looking for a postcard with Kilimanjaro in the background this might be the right place to be, however, these mountain can “ONLY” be climbed from Tanzania.

  • The country has accommodation and facilities for every taste-from world’s luxury to a simple blanket under the stars for which to stay while looking for wildlife.
  • Trek chimps in Mahela, Gombe and Rubondo Island
  • Experience game viewing by boat, and expert-guided walking safari in Nyerere and Ruah national park
  • Sunrise balloon across the plains of Serengeti, Ruah, and Tarangire National Park
  • Immerse into the culture of the Hadzape Bushmen, Datoga, and the Maasai
  • Finish your safari adventure with a stay in Zanzibar, Pemba, Pangani, Mafia, or one of the charming barefoot paradise offering luxury.

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  • Botswana.

Botswana has earned a reputation as one of the finest safari destinations in Africa. Very little of the country is developed in any way, and the small population of approximately 3million people is concentrated in the southeastern part of the country.

The vast northern region of the Okavango Delta, and extensive national parks, game reserves, and concessions, are some of the greatest wilderness areas on the African continent. Most of the featured stories in the national geographic and animal planet have been documented here. One such documentary is {the salvage kingdom} which has made Botswana gain international recognition as a top safari destination.

What Botswana has to offer?

  1. The country has one of the best big cats sightings, watching them through some legendary landscape
  2. Exciting canoeing and motorboat game viewing excursions through the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta
  3. Marvel at the mysteries of the Kalahari, from the famous Bushmen to spending time with habituated meerkats.
  4. Spend your nights in some of Botswana’s world-class luxury permanent tented camps.
  5. Botswana has some of Africa’s best sighting of wild dogs {painted dogs}
  6. Experience some of the highest concentration elephant’s herds in Chobe and the Linyanti, Selinda, Kwando region, sometimes numbering over a hundred strong. 
  • Zambia.

A country rich in wildlife, it has gained well-deserved heightened popularity over the several years as a top safari destination in the continent. Fascinating game viewing, world-class walking guides, and a variety of accommodation to choose from. The country attracts those looking for an off-the-bitten-track authentic safari experience.


What Zambia has to offer?

  1. Kafue national park has more antelope species than any park in Africa, but almost no tourist
  2. The country has some of the best guides on the continent, a legendary landscape, and excellent game viewing
  3. There is nothing like a walking safari, and Zambia is a top-notch destination for them
  4. A microlight over the Luangwa River gives you a truly bird’s eye view of the animals and crocs in the river
  5. End your safari adventure with time in Livingstone in one of the luxury lodges along the Zambezi River, and gazing on Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall by volume in the world. 
  6. Zambia’s bush camps and small lodges are one of the last secret gems in southern Africa-offering personal attention that is often lacking in many larger lodges and camps.
  • Rwanda.

Appropriately called “The land of a Thousand Hills” The country is predominantly grassy highlands and hills, with altitude above sea level varying from a low of 3960 feet to the highest of range of extinct volcanoes in the northwest which reaches 14, 786. Rwanda has gained well-deserved recognition as one of the best places to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.

What Rwanda has to offer?

  1. Gorilla trekking is one of the greatest experience one can have on a safari
  2. Enjoy a sunset cruise in Lake Kivu one of the most beautiful lakes on the continent
  3. Traverse to Nyungwe forest, and see more than 10 species of primates including habituated chimpanzees in a beautiful forest
  4. Rwanda is the cleanest country in the world
  5. As there are only a few hundreds of these endangered mountain gorillas remaining, the time to visit them is “KNOW” 
  • Namibia.

The country has some of the most spectacular desert ecosystems in the world. A geologist and naturalist paradise, Namibia is famous for its distinct beauty and diversity of tribes. Essentially a desert land Namibia is one of the most extraordinary countries to visit in the Africa continent the Namibia desert is considered to be the oldest desert in the world, with astonishing wildlife living here, and more interesting is the big games of the savannah.

What Namibia has to offer?

  1. Seeing the sunrise over the highest sand in the world
  2. Tracking desert elephants and rhino in Damaraland
  3. Viewing seal colonies, whale bones, and shipwreck on the skeleton coast
  4. Accompanying san Bushmen on a traditional hunt
  5. Visiting the Himba, taking a boat cruise on the Kunene River, and quad biking in Kaokoland
  6. Watching the pecking order of game around Etosha’s and Ongava’s waterholes
  7. Visiting UNESCO world heritage site at Twyfelfontein to see ancient rock engravings

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