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Serengeti national park

The Serengeti is world famous but with a good reason. Not only is the migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest and other plains game through its plains and woodland the most spectacular wildlife event on earth.

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So if you are the kind of guest who feels uncomfortable with humankind’s restless desire to subjugate nature and to dominate everything, you will enjoy the Serengeti, it is the natural world at its very best. Human beings take second place here. You come only to witness wildlife and nature.

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Game viewing by vehicles is the way to see animals in most game and national parks, with well- a maintained road network making the animals be viewed closer.


1. Game Drives.

Walking safari is the way to experience wildlife and small things which you miss while in the vehicles, accompanied by an armed park ranger and well-trained guides.

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2. Walking Safari

There is accommodation in Serengeti which ranges from hotels of the highest international standard to simple but comfortable lodges and permanent tented camps.