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What to know when choosing accommodation.

     Things to know when choosing accommodation.

   The kind of accommodation included on your safari may greatly influence the success of your tour on the African bush, just like how important is to get a well-trained and experienced guide. One important factor to consider when choosing your accommodation is how big is the property? Generally guest receive more personal attention on smaller camps or lodges than the larger once
Larger properties tend to stick on their schedule while small properties are more flexible although the larger ones tend to be less expensive making tours including them more affordable. More importantly location, location, location. If wildlife is your main focus, then the question should be? Which accommodation is located in areas which offer high game viewing? And even more specifically –game viewing of the species you are looking-like in Tanzania and Kenya if you’re interested in the great migration where my accommodation should be, or even photographers whose main objective to captures great images is determined by light?

How far will it take to the high game viewing areas?
Through our personal experience and our director having guided in these bushes, one area can have more concentration of wildlife over another one nearby. However, if you look up these properties over the internet, they all boost to have spectacular game viewing. That’s why we suggest booking your African safari with an African expert who knows the area very, and at their fingertips, and receives frequent information.

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