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5 Days Pemba the Magical Island.


Pemba Island has been situated on different spots from the mainland of Tanzania & Zanzibar for quite a long time, leaving an immaculate and unblemished island of incredible excellence and richness. The mosaic of forests, mangroves, as well as swamps covered up beaches and lagoons are dispersed with the remnants of mosques and burial places generally recovered by the forest – areas that date back to Middle Easterner mastery when Pemba Island was captured by the Oman, who is the Sultan of Muscat.


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Day by day
Day 1: Arrive Pemba

You can take a domestic flight to Pemba from either Dar Es Salaam or Zanzibar. Arrive at Pemba, meet our representative, and drive to Pemba Paradise Beach Resort.

Pemba Beach Resort
Day 2-4: Full Day Pemba

On these 2 days, there are some activities you may wish to do while in Pemba.

Pemba Island – Get about the Local Culture

When Touring the Pemba Island, you are promptly struck by the quantity of local farming as well as the fishing villages. During harvest time, incredible swathes of cloves lie drying in the sun and fill the air with a lovely scent. Notably, Mangos in piles more than six feet high stand by the roadsides to be shipped to the port at Mkoani and then dispatched over to the mainland. Emerald fields are spotted with ladies in splendid kangas taking care of harvests while over the turquoise seas, in addition to wooden pirogues and dhows float tenderly. It’s a quiet and relaxing island, full of energizing things to investigate.

Pemba Island- Have a Taste of the Flavors

While Zanzibar is known for being level and sand-flung, adjoining Pemba Island is the land of cloves and mangoes and hillocks rich with leafy food trees. Traditional dhows lie dispersed across the vast majority of the coastline and fishing is a huge piece of Pemba’s way of life.
In the same way as other of the islands in the archipelago, the Culture of the Pemba’s has been impacted by Middle Easterner dealers from Oman and the first occupants who have lived on the island for quite a long time. Very much preserved vestiges can be found on Pemba, for example, Qanbalu (a Muslim settlement from as right on time as the eighth century), while leftovers of old voodoo ceremonies are drilled by the traditional witchdoctors who call the island home.
Ultimately, Pemba has for quite some time been known as the ‘Green Island’ because of its richly blessed soil that yields farm produces like coconut, bananas, and cassava. The island is encircled with warm, sub-tropical waters eminent for the absolute best diving as well as snorkeling in the entire archipelago as a result of its lofty drop-offs, undisturbed marine life, and vivid coral reefs. Pemba Island delivers a genuine island experience with a tourism industry not as evolved as Zanzibar’s, ideal for those needing to catch the undiscovered idea of the archipelago.

Amazing Encounter while touring the Pemba Island include;
  • A more outstanding encounter of Zanzibar away from the tourism-created Stone Town
  • The first-class snorkeling on the Zanzibar Archipelago—lasting through the year
  • Vestiges of the oldest known Muslim settlement in Africa are all around preserved
  • A portion of the beaches on the island are without any hotels and resorts at all, making it quiet
  • The Ngezi forest is incredible for short walks, without excluding long walks
Pemba Island Excursion

Discover harmony in Pemba! Situated in the Zanzibar Archipelago, Pemba is a calmer and less-frequented destination than its famous friendly Zanzibar. A captivating and unseen culture, interesting untamed life, and rich green slopes anticipate you at Pemba. Albeit the coast is fixed with mangroves you can discover a few stretches of wonderful white sandy beaches, or relax at one of the numerous offshore islets. Marvelous sceneries anticipate you both above and underneath the sea level, making this untainted heaven an extraordinary spot to go cruising or diving. Get the opportunity to have a view/play with dolphins under the bow or watch African dhows passing by as the sun sets not too far.

Attractive coral reefs

The coral reefs that encompass the whole island are a radiant atmosphere for divers as well as snorkelers. Importantly, the Pemba Channel, with impressive marine life, is submerged heaven. You can spot Marlins, Barracudas, Clown Fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins, and even whales. Investigate the scope of watersport activities, from kayaking, kite, and windsurfing to a heartfelt sunset cruise in a traditional cruising boat.

Day 5: Departure

Pick up and drop off Airport for your domestic flight to Dar/Zanzibar where you will connect with your International flight back home or to your next destination.

Pemba Aiport

End of Service!

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