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"The Paradise of Elephants"
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The size of the park is 2,850 square kilometers, it’s only a small part of much larger ecosystem of some 30,000 sq. km that comprise most of what is called the Maasai steppe. 

These fits well for safari goers, those who really enjoy the Africa safari travel experience –the vast open spaces, the acacia savannah, the dramatic wildlife, the sandy river bed, the sausage trees, the changing seasons, the cool fresh morning, the heat of the mid-day, the day long birds song, the sound of cricket at night, the whooping call of hyena, the far distance of roar of lion- Tarangire is a place to be the bucket-list to visit.

From the wide-open plains in the north, south along the acacia and baobab studded ridges and valleys of the Tarangire River, across vast seasonal swamps, wildlife gather in large number to quench their thirst. This is the dry season refuge from an enormous swathe of the Maasai steppe, and between the months of July –November the wildlife here is extraordinary by any standard Africa wide.


It is estimated that at the height of the dry season in October the density of large mammals, elephants, buffaloes, elands, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, ostrich to mention a few is second only to Ngorongoro crater worldwide. This spectacular gathers around the scattered pools of permanent water along the Tarangire River bed, and also around Silale swamp. Lion and Leopard are frequently seen here as well.

The huge baobab trees are characteristic of these savannah and have been described by naturalist as a complete ecosystem by themselves, the nooks and crannies provide places for bee hives or are occupied by small mammals like genet, civet, and mongoose while their enormous flowers are pollinated by fruit bats. Many baobabs are hollow and have provided shelter for wondering bands of hunters-gathers in the past.

  Tarangire is one of the finest places in Tanzania to watch elephants and spending unhurried time in the presence of these intelligent giants, often from a vantage point at a waterhole or spring is one of the greatest pleasures of a wildlife safari, Tarangire is also one of the few places in Tanzania to see Oryx, and more even gerenuk and both lesser and grater kudu, and even occasionally wild dogs. It’s also birders paradise with more residence breeding species than anywhere else in Tanzania

When to go

These is a year all round, with the pick game viewing season coming from the months of July to November when all is dry and the River calls all the seasonal migratory big mammals, and cluster around shrinking lagoons and water holes.


Getting there

  • There is an airstrip at kuro in the center of the park with daily scheduled flight from Arusha and other safari destination.
  • The journey from Arusha usually takes around two hours to the main gate and these is where the safari starts.



  • Game viewing
  • Walking safari
  • Night game safari. This is the best way to explore the African bush for its sound, the nocturnal animals and the lovely sky for the stars.Balloon Safari


Safari Ideas

Tarangire fits well to the northern circuit safari itineraries, but if you have time at least give two days for these wonderful park and accommodation picked should be inside the park to offer maximum game viewing.



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Start off your meander through Tanzania with a walking along the big game in Arusha National Park, follow these up with a village tour and experience Tanzania life up-close.

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