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Fly-in Safari Packages.


Safari Packages

Those who wish to experience the African Safari with convenience can go for fly-in safaris. In the day you can spend your day in the bushes exploring the wilderness of Tanzania. You will get to see game drives, wild animals and admire nature. After an exciting day, you will return to your camp or lodge. You will get a welcome drink and can enjoy all the facilities available to have a beautiful evening. You can enjoy taking shower to refresh yourself and can enjoy supper.

From $ 5,036 per Person sharing.

Explore Tanzania’s pristine wildlife area and get a chance to stay on some of the best tented camps exploring high game spotting areas and a chance to locate the migration in Serengeti National Park, one of the spectacular big concentrations of wild animals on earth, and explore Tanzania largest park on foot.


From $ 4,064 per Person sharing.

Enjoy a morning walking safari today to experience the flora and fauna from a different perspective, taking in the sounds of bird calls, looking for tracks and signs in the earth, and encountering smaller creatures that often run away at the sound of a vehicle. Return to the camp to rest and relax, enjoying lunch, before an afternoon game drive to explore further afield.


From $ 4,582 per Person sharing.

On our family safari, you will explore three pristine wildlife areas in Tanzania with a chance to witness the Great Migration. While the sight of hundred of thousands of wildebeest and zebras thunder across the plains is spectacular, the Mara River crossing is absolutely one of the most breathtaking natural actions in wildlife sightings.


From $ 3,303 per Person sharing.

These family combines the best of Tanzania from the bush to the white beach of Zanzibar, Look for the big five on the famous national parks of the northern circuit Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti. You will be immersed into the bush and fascinated by the great wildlife sighting from the tinny dwarf mongoose to the big elephants and the tall giraffes.

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We design private, group joining and camping safaris for people who want to explore African pristine wilderness for unmatched wildlife, trekking, and cultural tours. Our amazing team of travel designers, local guides work together to showcase Africa's beauty in depth.


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African safari vacations were born in the Golden Age of luxury travel and the ideals of that era are still very much alive. Africa’s best luxury safari tours feature warm, personal service, fine wine and dining, and quality creature comforts learn more articles below.

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Fly-in safaris are a combination of some flying and some driving. The idea is to fly over the areas that are not interesting to or that you have already covered on the ground, and drive in areas that have most to offer. This is an excellent idea for the northern Tanzania circuit where you drive […]