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"An Ancient Crater Lake"
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Welcome to Tanzania’s most beautiful corner, Lake Chala is a gorgeous crater lake that straddles the border of Tanzania and Kenya and lies on the western slopes of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, and a steep crater rim surrounds the lake with a maximum height of 170 meters (560ft). The remote region is seldom visited by travelers and is home to the Chagga tribe. Here you can have a much truer picture of tribal life than in the more tourist areas.

Fed entirely by underground springs from Mt Kilimanjaro, the turquoise blue and green waters are surrounded by diverse plants, trees, and wildlife, however, unique to the lake is the lake Chala tilapia which is found know-where in the world and is considered critically endangered.

Activities around Lake Chala.

  • Walking Safari

There are some beautiful walks around Chala, as always in Africa, the best walking is in the early morning or late afternoon. 

  • Kayaking

 Enjoy an hour of special views to the crater rim, see birds, and with a bit of luck Blue Monkeys playing around in the trees at the shore.

  • Accommodation.

Lake Chala safari lodge is the only permanent lodge nestled on the rim of the crater, and offering amazing views of the lake and Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as the luxury camping experience.


Tour Idea to Get you Dreaming.

Our Favorite Tours Showcasing the Best of Lake Chala.

Explore a crater lake in a caldera at the border between Tanzania and Kenya and 52 km from Moshi town.

Prices Start From $ 250 Per Person Sharing