Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

So if you are the kind of guest who feel uncomfortable with humankind restless desire to subjugate nature and to dominate everything, you will enjoy the Serengeti, it is natural world at its very best. Human being take second place here. You come only to witness wildlife and nature.

           The towering granite kopjes of the southern plains, the 18-20 foot of the crocodiles of the Grumeti Rivers, shoulder to shoulder masses of wildebeest on the move, the big cats who lord the plains, and the chilling openness of the Goal Mountains are safari experience that instill humility.

                  You get very close to the core of things in the Serengeti –beauty innocence, cruelty violence, and tranquility. When you leave and your thoughts float back to the savanna and woodlands, they bring with them an ache-a longing to be part of these natural world again.

      Wildebeest are the Serengeti driving force –some 1.5 million of the, probably more. They, together with some 80000 zebra, over 500000 Grant and Thomson gazelle’s, 18000 elands and attended by predators and scavengers are a vast ecological powerhouse, roaming beautiful landscape, setting the boundaries, changing the scenery, altering the vegetation, and lying down the limits and the lifestyle of just about everything else that leaves here. But don’t let the scale of these natural machine overwhelm you. There is a variety of mammals and birds here that only Africa can boast.

It is only when you gate into the Serengeti on the ground that the vastness of the place becomes real. Many people think of ti as one destination to be seen in two days before rushing somewhere else. How wrong, there are treeless plains, Mountains, close canopy Riverine forest and springs. On top of all these questions of seasons. The wildlife and the character of places varies dramatically from one season to another.


All the classic big game animals of Africa are found in the Serengeti, of recent importance is the introduction of black rhino and wild dogs, the rhino have been introduced to the northern and the southern regions.

  • Witness the spectacular great migration
  • Experience the incredible Tanzania wildlife and landscape
  • Admire Africa big cats
  • Glide silently on the golden grass plains of Serengeti on balloon safari

Activities in Serengeti National Park

1. Game viewing

Game viewing by vehicles is the way to see animals in most game and national parks, with well- maintained road network makes the animals to be viewed closer.

2. Walking safaris

Walking safari is the way to experience wildlife and small things which you miss while in the vehicles, accompanied with armed park ranger and well trained guides.

3. Balloon safari.

Glide silently on the open plains of Serengeti either from the South, north and central part.

Game Viewing
Walking Safari
Balloon Safari


There are accommodation in Serengeti which ranges from hotels of the highest international standard to simple but comfortable lodges and permanent tented camps.

When to Go

The Serengeti is a year around destination with access to all parts throughout the year.

Getting There

1. Air.

There are airstrip in all regions of the park and are used by scheduled flights

2. Road

Access by road is possible through established entry point and exit points

By Air
By Road

Safari Ideas

The Serengeti is on almost everybody wish list and can be combine to any destination not only in Tanzania but the whole of East Africa.


Explore Tanzania pristine wildlife area and get a chance to stay on some of best tented camps exploring high game spotting areas and a chance to locate the migration in Serengeti National Park, one of the spectacular big concentration of wild animals on earth and trek the chimps in wild Mahale.

If you want to witness the largest movement of animals on the planet these itinerary is perfect for you. The focus during this trip will be on the western part of the Serengeti, where the Great Migration cross the Grumeti River from May to July.

The tour takes you to some amazing wildlife areas with awesome game viewing, begin with Tarangire and witness some great sighting of elephants with its dotted landscape, followed by Lake Manyara with its overwhelming bird spices and what about Serengeti and Ngorongoro great sighting of the big five.

Experience some of East Africa’s highlights, Begin in the Tarangire and explore the baobab dotted plains and elephant marching to the River then move to Manyara and see the prolific birdlife of these hidden treasure of Tanzania. Search for the larger tusker elephants in Ngorongoro and to the Serengeti Mara ecosystem and explore the great migration looking for water and good grazing areas as African stealthy predators are on the prowl.

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