Chimp Trekking in Africa things to Know.

Like gorilla trekking, chimps trekking can be exciting beyond words! Watching members of a troop going on with their own business around you at close quarters is very entertaining.

What Are the Best Places to See Chimps in Africa?

The best places to see these exciting cousin of ours in Africa are Mahale Mountains and Rubondo Island in {Tanzania}, Kibale National park {Uganda} and Nyungwe forest reserve in {Rwanda}

Best time to visit Tanzania for chimps Trekking

1. Mahale Mountain National Park Mid May-October / Mid December-February The best time to visit Mahale Mountain is the above two dry seasons.
2. Rubondo Island National Park November-February Dry season at the Island.

Best time to visit Uganda for chimps Trekking.

1. Kibale forest National Park December-February / June-August Although the park is open throughout the year the two dry seasons are the best for chimps trekking

Best time to visit Rwanda for chimps Trekking.

1. Nyungwe Forest Reserve Although it rains fairly throughout the year in Nyungwe forest the best time to visit is the dry months of June-August/ December-February

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