Combo Safari is the best for wildlife safari adventures in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, visiting Game Reserves and National parks. Discover even more safari destinations in Eastern Africa. The following are Tips for combination Safari.

1. Kenya.
2. Rwanda.
3. Uganda.

What's Your Dream Safari?

We design private, group joining and camping safaris for people who want to explore African pristine wilderness for unmatched wildlife, trekking and cultural tours. Our amazing team of travel designers, local guides work together to showcase Africa beauty in depth.

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    List of recommended Safari Itinerary.

    Book with Us, for an unforgettable African Holiday.

    From $ 2,951 per Person sharing.

    The trip will take you to two countries in east Africa with different culture, landscape and climate. While Rwanda is hillier while on the other side Tanzania is more open savannah country. 


    From $ 4,313 per Person sharing.

    The tour takes you to two amazing countries in east Africa with different climatic zones. Start in Uganda by visiting Bwindi one of the stronghold of the gorilla Followed by a visit to Tanzania for some amazing wildlife areas


    From $ 4,115 per Person sharing.

    The itinerary will take you to four prime places in the north of Tanzania where excellent game viewing awaits in every location.