Lodge safari is simply safaris that use lodge accommodation or permanent tented camps. Some safaris mix lodges with tented camps providing a greater range of experience for the guest.

Things to know about Lodge safaris

What's Your Dream Safari?

We design private, group joining and camping safaris for people who want to explore African pristine wilderness for unmatched wildlife, trekking and cultural tours. Our amazing team of travel designers, local guides work together to showcase Africa beauty in depth.

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    List of recommended Safari Itinerary.

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    From $ 2,578 per Person sharing.

    This safari takes you to some of the lodges in northern Tanzania with the best views and action-packed areas, start in Tarangire and stay at the Safari lodge with an awesome view of the Tarangire river before moving to Serengeti and staying at the Sopa lodge.


    From $ 1,866 per Person sharing.

    The tour takes you to some amazing wildlife areas with awesome game viewing, begin with Tarangire and witness some great sightings of elephants with its dotted landscape, followed by Lake Manyara with its overwhelming bird spices, and what about Serengeti and Ngorongoro great sighting of the big five.


    From $ 2,404 per Person sharing.

    Explore three pristine wildlife areas in Tanzania with a chance to witness the Great Migration. While the sight of hundred of thousands of wildebeest and zebras thunder across the plains is spectacular, the Mara River crossing is absolutely one of the most breathtaking natural actions in wildlife sightings.