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Rwanda is a landlocked country found in East Africa also referred to as a country with a thousand hills because of its mountainous landscape. Its renowned volcanoes national park is home and natural habitat to see the mountain gorillas one of the strongholds still left in the world today, to the south-west lies nyungwe national park with the ancient montane forest is home to our closest living relatives the chimpanzees and other primates and birding paradise.

Rwanda is not only about the mountain gorillas, but there is also the story of one of the hidden treasures and a quiet game area which offers you most of the savannah animals, (Akagera national park) unlike most the other national park in Africa, the park beauty and diversity will leave you overwhelmed just like the country story here is another story on how conservation has surpassed the odds.

East Africa safari at 7 wonders safaris is one of the best safari tours for you. We offer packages that are tailor-made to suit your pocket and area of interest.

The Rwanda safaris offer you : 12 days Rwanda adventure safari5 days gorilla and chimps’ expedition in Rwanda,7 days gorillas, chimps & lake Kivu adventure in Rwanda7 days big five and gorilla expedition in Kagera & volcanoes national park13 days gorilla trekking and Tanzania migration mara river crossing

Seven Wonders Safaris provide Rwanda safari in such a manner that appeals to every traveller. We make things happen for you so that you can relish the beauty of the Rwanda safari.

From $ 4,520 per Person sharing.

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