Zanzibar Island

Mnemba Atoll Snorkiling.

This a full day trip near the mnemba atoll which tourists may get essential opportunity to experience first class snorkeling adventure.

Mnemba atoll is considered as first priority to those who love to do snorkeling, the atoll is surrounded by the clear and turquoise waters with full of virgin coral reef, tropical fish like Arowana. Arowana are highly sought after fish, barbs, clown Loach, black ghost knife fish, beta, tunas, salmons, cichlids, and Cory catfish, angelic.

We depart from nungwi village by 9:00am ahead to a wonderful location which is always regarded as the snorkeling area, the activity will remain until lunch time, for those who feel short relaxing they may stay within a boat as longer as they may wish, while snorkeling is going on with our captain you will be offered a bottle of water and some fruits.

At 1pm is a right time to have special lunch which is colored by various types of sea foods relatively calamari, tuna, barracudas, octopus, shrimps, prawns etc. soft drinks, rice and chapattis are also offered, We start our journey back to the hotel after lunch, and get their around 4pm.

Let seven wonders plan these tour for you!!!!

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