Things to know before going on safari to Africa

While on safari you will enjoy the company of one or two guides, and local guides, their job is to make sure you have a safe, fun, and above all well interpretive experience. Although you will be incapable hands, here are some safari tips to make your trip to Africa a lifetime experience.

  1. Background reading of the places you will be traveling to be very important or speaking to people who have been there already. If you are going to wildlife areas, go through what you might see in those reserves or national parks.
  2. Your desire to visit Africa might have been triggered by the national geographic or another documentary. This is all very well, but remember to get this documentary person to spend months in the bush. Part of enjoying your safari is to have some realistic expectations, and you should always remember wildlife is wild, nothing is guaranteed in the bush. Develop the habit of liking everything, birds, trees, landscape, small and big.
  3. Develop a good relationship with your guide from the start of your safari, state your expectation to him if it’s the big five, giraffe, hippos let him know, remember he will not only know the area and wildlife but the best way to reveal them to you.
  4. Sensitivity towards wildlife is paramount. Your guide will know the right distance to park the car when watching different spices. The parking distance to watch a rhino is not the same distance to watch a pride of lion feeding or even a hunting cheetah. The best wildlife sighting is the once animals are UN wear of your presence.  
  5. Rather than driving the whole day chasing after the big five take your time looking at the whole ecosystem, stop have a look at the way elephants shake the grass before they eat, how baboons groom each other to create more social bonding, and how about the beautiful birds, the trails created by animals going down to drink these will make you see that leopard you have been speeding all day long to see
  6. Being on safari is less risky than driving in the neighborhood at home, but remember all wildlife are potentially dangerous, and rest be assured your guide will not put you at any- risk. He will always stay away from any risk situation, our motto is to go out there, and have FUN and be SAFE! 
  7. Do not walk close to river banks at dusk or dawn, those who do so might cut or cross hippos path
  8. Curry your valuable with you all the time or if there is a safe box in your room keep them there! Don’t leave temptation behind?
  9. Do not wander or swim in rivers or lakes unless you are certain sure they are free from crocodiles and hippos
  10. If you will be engaging in any walking activities, please make sure you come with proper walking shoes.
  11. Avoid using very strong perfume while on safari it might attract bees or uncomfortable for other guests if you are in a joining safari
  12. Please follow your guide advice all the time
  13. The lodges are not fenced please if the lodge management tells you don’t leave your room after seven or very early in the morning without escort from the security guards, please do SO!
  14. If you have any allergies to stings, food, or bites please let your guide know
  15. If you are on safari celebrating either anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, or anything which made you take the trip please let your guide know. 
  16. Resist any temptation to walk alone away from the camp

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These are some of our safari tips when planning a safari to Africa. Let Seven wonders safaris tailor-made your wonderful African safari.

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