Things to consider when planning a trip to Africa?

Many people think of safari to Africa as one destination to be seen in two or three days before rushing somewhere else.  How wrong! 

There are many different places here with a range of habitats from treeless plains, mountains, deserts, swamps, grassland savannah, lakes, and ocean. On top of all these, is the question of the season, the character and wildlife of one place vary dramatically from one season to another. You may- be caught up trying to congest your trip as much as possible to include many destinations since it might be the only time you will visit the area. While you may tick a lot of your bucket list sight, but you won’t enjoy it because of your rushing itinerary “yours will be sleep and drive” in case you’re caught in a break -down, then all the plan might backfire.

Do yourself a favor, and give yourself more time to explore the destination. In our opinion instead of taking a safari to Serengeti and Maasai Mara, why? Not choose one of them and spend at least 3nights. Once you reach your destination, park yourself, and get very close to the core of things, the beauty and tranquility, and when you leave and your thoughts float back, bringing with them an ache- a longing to be part of the natural world again.

Again slowing things down will allow guest to not only concentrate on wildlife, but it will give you a chance to immerse yourself into the local culture, and help to build a connection with the local people, and getting to know the destination local charm, enjoy some mouth-watering lunch prepared by local women, while at the same- time supporting the local community you are visiting.

   The actual days to be spent on an Africa safari in our opinion depends on several factors, but mostly budget, time, preference, and transportation. Here you might have the time to go on a six days safari, but your budget will only allow for 4 days.

You might want to climb Kilimanjaro through the Marangu route on a six days trekking, but because you preferred the Lemosho route you end up trekking for eight days, on the other hand, transportation might also determine how long you will spend in an area since some places planes can only reach on certain days of the week which means if you wanted to stay for two days you find yourself spending four days. However in our opinion, if all factors stay constant some places are worth giving more than two days Serengeti, Maasai Mara, Okavango Delta, Cape Town, and Kruger. For instance for northern Tanzania wildlife safari which includes Serengeti 6 days should be the minimum if the budget and time permits.

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