What Is Walking Safari Like in

Walking safari puts you in close to nature, suddenly your senses come alive- smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing, but sound, sight and smell becomes more intensively meaningful- is that bush a lone buffalo, can we approach that mob of elephants a head of us before seeing or smelling us, I wonder how old are these lions foot prints, these are the kind of question a walking safari brings to you, arousing the sense of being part of nature.

Accompanied by a well- trained park ranger and seven wonders safari guide, a walking safari last about 2-8 hours in a day. The bush can be examined in a low pace allowing for a more attention and fascinating detailed information about plants and their medicinal uses, animal dropping, foot prints, landscape and geology than safari solely in a safari vehicle. Guest can approach game quite closely depending on the direction of wind and cover available, note guides do not always bring guest close to wildlife than is comfortable.



Unlike many countries in Africa where most of the walking safari is done in private concession or conservancy, in Tanzania walking safari is conducted in National park, Being chances to see some of the big five on foot.


Walking on the edge of the Okavango delta is beyond words! With all those tells and documentary from the national geographic and the animal planet, you should include these on your safari to Botswana.


The country offers something different, a walk in the desert is something else, how about seeing one of the big five in the desert, beautiful lizards

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