Why travel off the bitten-track?

In our opinion many guest have become victims of popularity to certain areas due to advertisement, Facebook, and Instagram which lead to overcrowding. As travelers you can help reduce overcrowding by skipping crowded areas, and getting off the beaten path.

      As a traveler, you can help reduce overcrowding by skipping crowded areas and getting off the beaten path. We know places like Ngorongoro might be tempting, however, you can avoid the crowd by going into the crater very early, and leave by noon, which is the time guest from Serengeti, and Arusha make to the crater, or you might hope to skip traveling to Zanzibar popular beaches and go off to other exciting places like Pangani, Mafia, and Pemba which are less crowded hence spreading tourist income to more local villages, which in return supports tourism sustainability, if you are dying to see the great migration consider staying in small tented camps, and avoid large lodges. Even when booking safari tries to book with small tour operators who deal more with local communities rather than booking with large tour operators who are based in Europe and mostly don’t work directly with the local communities.

Look beyond the top destination and tourism attraction list, talking to other travelers who have been to the areas you want to go or get information from local tour operators. These might be the best option for travelers during these times where we are faced with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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