7 Days Exclusive Luxury Safari to Tanzania

Luxury Safari



This safari highlights the best game-viewing opportunities in Northern Tanzania. Accommodations are in luxury camps and lodges that offer a unique atmosphere and excellent food. Guests taking this tour will be able to explore five of our most famous national parks of the northern circuit of Tanzania, and mix them with culture and walking safari in the heart of Serengeti national park. From our experience, this tour will be slow with no rush, with a great opportunity of staying on sighting long looking for action. And most of the camps are located very close to the game viewing areas and walking safari.

Day by Day

Day 1:
Arusha to Arusha National Park.

Drive to Arusha national park for a half-day game drive. This highly underrated park is predominantly inhabited by forest animals, while in the other northern park, savannah animals are more prevalent. This is the best place in northern Tanzania to spot black and white colobus monkeys and bush back and to photograph larger spices with Mt Kilimanjaro and Meru in the background. You will drive back to River trees Country Inn for hot lunch.

After lunch drives west on good tarmac road, across the gently rolling Maasai plains with scattered acacia trees, en route you pass many Maasai villages, and Maasai in their colorfully traditional dress walking on the roadside, riding bicycles, herding their cattle’s and driving their overloaded donkeys. You will gate to Balloon tented camp in time for shower and sundowner with the sun kissing the rift valley escarpment. Dinner and overnight Balloon tented camp.

Main Destination: Arusha National Park.

Meal Plan:  Lunch & Dinner.

Accommodation: Balloon-tented camp | Tarangire Totillis Tented camp.

Day 2:
Full Day Tarangire National Park

This day will be spent entirely on game viewing through the park exploring the park’s vast habitats and landscape up to the Silalei swamp which during the dry season offers green pasture and water for the grazers and the predators follow them here. During the months of June to November when we have the seasonal migration of wildebeest and zebras the park bust into life with possibly the biggest concentration of wildlife outside Serengeti national park and the largest population of elephants per square kilometers in the world. Other sightings will include lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, and buffaloes, and if you are lucky the rare wild dogs are found here. In the late afternoon stop for your bush sundowner drinks which will be made by your guide.

Main Destination: Tarangire National Park.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Accommodation: Balloon tented camp | Tarangire tortillis tented camp

Day 3:
Tarangire to Lake Manyara National Park.

Following breakfast transfer to Lake Manyara National Park. There is a profusion of wildlife in this small national park, and the amazing bird-watching experience will certainly be rewarding to both a devoted and first-time bird watcher. It is as well among the few places on the African continent to see the tree-climbing lions that will be your main quest for the day. Manyara, in addition, prides in a large flock of beautiful pink flamingoes found near the lake, other sightings include hippos, elephants, giraffes, zebra, leopard, and buffaloes in the afternoon drive to your lodge for dinner, and overnight.

Main Destination: Lake Manyara National Park.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Accommodation: Lake Manyara Tortillis camp | Farm of Dream Lodge.

Day 4:
Karatu to Central Serengeti national Park.

After breakfast drive west across the gentle rolling highland of Ngorongoro en route you pass Zebras and Wildebeest grazing with Maasai cattle, and Maasai in their traditional colorful clothes standing on the roadside and around their bomas. In the afternoon we will have a game drive in the Heart of the majestic Serengeti national park looking for Lions, Cheetah, Leopards, Hippos, And sunset. Dinner and overnight Serengeti wilderness tented camp.

Note: Between December- March the morning will be spent in the Ndutu area exploring the great migration.

Main Destination: Serengeti National Park.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Accommodation: Serengeti Wilderness Tented Camp | Tortillis tented camp.

Day 5:
Full day Serengeti National Park.

This entire day is set aside for game drives upon the Serengeti. The Serengeti, the habitat of an abundance of wildlife such as impala, buffalo, crocodile, and hippo, is more well-known for its great migrating herds of zebra, elands, and wildebeest. The animals’ trek is determined by the rainfall and varies from year to year. In November and December, the animals move from the northern region, dominated by woodlands and hills, to the grassy plains of the south. During the longer rainy season from April to June, they return to the central part of the park. Apart from the migrating herds, we may have the opportunity to see the resident predators, leopard, cheetah, hyaena, jackals, and lion, fulfilling their role in the circle of life. Nothing is quite so essentially ‘Safari’ as the traditional ‘bush sundowner,’ especially when it’s enlivened by the presence of your guide.

Main Destination: Serengeti National Park.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Accommodation: Serengeti Tortilis tented camp / Serengeti heritage tented camp

Day 6:
Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

After an early breakfast, we head out for another game drive upon the Serengeti. We may have the opportunity to spot the “Big Five” – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard – before embarking on our journey to the Ngorongoro Crater.
The animals roam freely through the unfenced reserves offering us an uninterrupted game-viewing experience.
Arriving at the edge of the crater we have our first glimpse of what awaits us the following day – glistening streams, open grassland, and a myriad number of animals. We spend the evening and night at one of our carefully selected mid-range partner lodges, boasting aesthetically tasteful restaurants and the most commodious of rooms for your rest, ease, and dreams of the African Wild.

Main Destination: Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Accommodation: Ngorongoro Tortillis Tented Camp | Rhino Lodge.

Day 7:
Ngorongoro Crater Tour to Arusha.

After a very early breakfast leave the Lodge and descend to the eighth wonder with possibly the largest permanent concentration of wildlife in Africa, with an estimated average of 30,000 large mammals. In addition, this is one of the best reserves in Africa to see Black Rhino. Other sightings include Lions, Hyenas, Jackals, Hippos, Buffaloes, Elephants, Zebras, and Wildebeest. After lunch drives back to Arusha. After arriving in Arusha, it will depend on your flight schedule, if possible, we will drop you at Kilimanjaro International Airport (This will depend much if you have a late flight, maybe from late evening or at night because you will be in Arusha from Crater around 17h00) or you will spend another night in Arusha.

Main Destination: Ngorongoro Crater.

Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

Accommodation: No Accommodation.


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